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Information Technology

It is impossible to work in information technology without also engaging in social engineering.

The information technology (IT) industry has become of the most robust industries in the world. IT, more than any other industry or economic facet, has an increased productivity, particularly in the developed world, and therefore is a key driver of global economic growth. Economies of scale and insatiable demand from both consumers and enterprises characterize this rapidly growing sector.Both software development and the hardware involved in the IT industry include everything from computer systems, to the design, implementation, study and development of IT and management systems. Owing to its easy accessibility and the wide range of IT products available, the demand for IT services has increased substantially over the years. The IT sector has emerged as a major global source of both growth and employment.

Our industry solutions help you derive maximum value from your IT investments. Over the years we have been able to deliver value using the know-how harnessed in the navigation of people, processes and technology to ensure a successful outcome for your project. Our services specialize in providing solutions.We are the partner of choice for some of the most recognized organizations across the globe. As a trusted partner, we’ve helped customers design, build, migrate and manage their infrastructure outsourcing needs to create agile, secure and highly available environments to support their growth objectives. Take advantage of the latest technologies and platforms with K-Source team. We’ll provide transparency of our performance ensuring you are optimizing your full investment.

Offered onsite or offsite, Our focus is on service improvement and cost reduction over time. Fully managed deskside support that covers your entire technology environment from remote deskside support, patch management, to software distribution and provisioning. Complete infrastructure and application monitoring to support your IT enterprise by engineering a holistic approach for networks, systems, storage, applications, and security. Consolidation and upgrade of legacy infrastructure and its integration with newer technologies such as cloud, mobile and web services can not only reduce your capital expenses but also operational expenses through automation.Comprehensive and proactive support for all your database management needs including design, capacity planning, installation, upgrades and recovery.